Organnica, Inc. owner & inventor, Jennifer Angone, enjoying nature with her kids.

Organnica, Inc. owner & inventor, Jennifer Angone, enjoying nature with her kids.

Enjoying nature with Swerve® Pest Repellents 

Enjoying nature with Swerve® Pest Repellents 


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How we've helped others live an all-natural lifestyle:

"We had a really serious ant infestation in our home, we hired a professional pest control service to come and treat our home, but the ants kept returning and we worried how their chemicals would impact our children and pets. Once I switched over to using [Red] Swerve, and treated the interior and exterior of my home, our ant problem was under control! What a great product and it feels great to be using something that is natural and not full of harmful chemicals for our family and our pets! We love it!" - Danielle, Oak Park, Illinois
"Swerve is my new best friend! We have been fighting ants in our kitchen and front hallway in the early summer for the last decade. We don’t want to use dangerous chemicals or hire an exterminator to fight our ant problem but have ended up resorting to both. When a friend shared her Swerve with me, I assumed something that didn’t have harmful chemicals would have limited impact. Boy was I wrong!! Our ants are gone and I use my bottle of [Red] Swerve once a week to make sure they stay away. It really is a godsend. If it wasn’t weird to buy people Swerve as a birthday present, I would – that’s how much I love it! - Lila in Illinois
"I had always been a skeptic of organic products, until I tried [Green] Swerve® mosquito repellent. I was so impressed with it's effectiveness and fresh scent - sure beats the heavy odor from Deep Woods aerosol sprays! Then I used the pest repellent to spray the perimeter of my bonfire gathering, for added protection. We were pest-free all night, and everything was safe for the kids! Kudos all around to Organnica, Inc." - Niccole D., Illinois 
"Over the weekend I tried using the Red label Swerve® for the first time (the bug killer). We had a huge mountain of ants very close to where our daughter likes to play. I sprayed them a few times and hours later they were all dead! Thanks for the great product!" - Michelle B., Illinois 
"Before I found the red label Swerve®, we had a problem with ants getting into our house every spring. Now I just spray their entry points with Swerve® and they stay outdoors! It's nice to know it won't harm our pets and it smells good too!" - Laurie R., Berwyn, Ilinois about Red Swerve®
"Kept the black flies away during our fishing trip in Minnesota" - Jeff, Illinois about Green Swerve®
Fine Swerve® Pest Repellent at most Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest.

Fine Swerve® Pest Repellent at most Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest.

A little about us:

Mom & Owner/Inventor, Jennifer Smith Angone began Organnica, Inc. in 2009 in response to wanting to share her handmade, safe, non-toxic products that she developed when her children were very young.  Environmental activist, vegan, amateur gardener & red wine lover, Jennifer is a proponent of all things natural. This personal belief permeates throughout all facets of our company as we strive to demonstrate that all-natural products work great (and surpass expectations!). Thanks to plant-derived preservatives and our knowledgeable use of essential oils, we prove through our products that there is no longer a need to rely on chemical-based products to achieve results in our homes, on our skin, and in our environment.

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