Jennifer's Easy Peasy Chickpea RoadWonders (aka wraps)

It's a wrap.  But it's healthy fast food when you're on the road (and it's vegan too!)

It's a wrap.  But it's healthy fast food when you're on the road (and it's vegan too!)

If you enjoy road trips as much as we do, yet loathe the lack of readily accessible healthy food then Friend, read on. Fueling up, and flanked on all sides by fast food outlets with kids clamoring for a happy meal can pose a big challenge even for those of us 'health nuts'.  Arriving at a hotel where your only in-room dining option is the vending area or ordering in pizza and waiting an hour isn't much fun worthy of even the shortest trip. Fear not Road Warrior! These wraps are not only high in protein and fiber, but the sprouts give this salad a powerful antioxidant punch, and electrolytes are replenished with a healthy dose of mixed veggies.  As you can guess, this recipe is also a staple for when we go camping and hiking.  Nothing says 'quick healthy lunch' for a ravenous vegan hiker like myself like these Chickpea wraps.  We transform from famished to full before you can say 'easy-peasy-chickpea-wonder'!  Enjoy in good health and share with your friends & family! ...They'll love it too!

What you need:

1 half bottle of Green Goddess dressing from Trader Joe's (Big City Vegan has a great homemade version of this you can try at home)     

2 cans chickpeas (we soak dried beans, cook, and cool beans before use to avoid BPA contamination from lined aluminum cans)

1 bunch green onions diced (use both green and white parts)

veggies in your fridge (seeded & diced tomatoes, cucumbers, or peppers.  Kale, spinach, watercress, etc.)

1 little tub of broccoli sprouts (alfalfa is ok too but you get a big kick of antioxidant power with broccoli sprouts.

1 container of Ezekiel sprouted grain wraps

Mix all this together except the wraps of course, and put in your tidy cooler and enjoy! Be sure to add any veggies in your fridge that won't keep until your return. Wilted kale or spinach make a great addition as do tomatoes and/or cucumbers which you should dice and seed to avoid the chickpea salad getting to mushy.  This salad mix will keep for 3-4 days with minimal refrigeration.  Hubby Bob says to bring a little bottle of Tabasco for a more zesty flavor. Happy traveling & enjoy!